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LH.Designs is a full service design firm. We believe spaces don't happen by accident. They happen with a lot of planning, design and organization. During the planning phase we do the following:         

  • Conceptual Design Ideas 

  • Construction Plans                                

  • Elevations

  • Electrical Plans

  • Plumbing Plans

  • Budget Proposals

  • Bid Evaluations

  • Vendor Resourcing

  • Architectural Plans

  • 3D/Rendering Concepts of Spaces



After the planning stage, there's more work that has to be done. Design comes after the idea has been mapped out. During this phase, we create the vibe of the space by determining the following:

  • Flooring Choices

  • Refinishing/Upholstery of Furniture

  • Custom Cabinetry Design

  • Custom Furniture Design

  • Furniture Sourcing

  • Fabric Sourcing

  • Hardware, Fixtures & Lighting Choices

  • Stone and Tile specifications

  • Window treatments

  • Paint Selection


Plan + Design + Build is the proper equation to getting any project done correctly. LH.Designs likes to ensure projects run smoothly as possible to make a vision come to life. To create that vision, we do the following during the construction phase:

  • Construction & Project Management

  • Vendor Scheduling

  • Vendor Invoicing

  • Tracking Budgets

  • Product Choices & Delivery

  • Payment Schedules

  • Quality Control



When the project is in it's final stages, we make sure everything comes to life and put in place. The art of design is making the plans and ideas come to life within a person's space, therefore creating a lifestyle. At LH.Designs we create this atmosphere by:

  • Accesorizing

  • Styling

  • Selecting Artwork

  • Organizing

  • Furniture Spacing

  • Plant Selections

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