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This Santa Monica Bungalow got the full treatment during this project. The client had us evaluate the home while in escrow, and we took a look at the potential of the home for construction and character. And this home had a lot of character. We also did the home in phases. We completed the interiors and then moved on to the backyard for hardscaping.

Our client wanted to keep the personality of the house, but change big items to make the home more up to date. She also wanted to have color infused in the house, but have new furniture pieces to grow with that wouldn't be too trendy. We also, needed to make the backyard more functional for entertaining but also keep in mind her son playing in the back. For the interiors she liked the mid-century modern feel, but wanted warmth and her favorite color orange incorporated. For the backyard, we created a custom basketball court, two functional seating areas with a custom BBQ and updated the backroom facade. LH.Designs helped bring this 1940's home back to life with a new sense of purpose for our client and her son. From construction to design, custom furniture pieces, a new outdoor entertainment area, basketball court, accessories and more, we gave our client the full treatment.

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